Everyone likes watching an entertainment web series with lots of fun and interesting stories. So what if it is a web series with a unique combination like a detective story with thrilling cases, comedy, romance and super fun? It will be quite a good show to watch on weekends or at any time. Agent Anand Santosh is one of a kind with this unique combination where Shanmukh Jaswanth acts as the central character Agent Anand Santosh.

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The cast of Agent Anand Santosh web series

Agent Anand Santosh is a Telugu web series in which Shanmukh Jaswanth plays the central role of Anand Santosh, a detective agent. The character selection for this web series is done well, and each cast member is perfectly suited for the role, especially Shanmukh as the detective agent. The other cast members are Prithvi Jhakaas, Vaishali Raj, Balakrishna Neelakantapuram, Jenny and Alankritha Shah.

Shanmukh in Agent Anand Santosh

Shanmukh is a famous YouTuber, television personality and actor who became famous for his role as “Shannu” in a YouTube series. His performance in all his web series has made him highly popular in this field, and has also made good natural actions in Agent Anand Santosh. Shahrukh, as Agent Anand Santosh, has made a good performance by creating fun scenes, thrill, action scenes, and some romance. Thus, the series is a unique show that many people like.

Agent Anand Santosh’s story

Agent Anand Santosh is a comedy thriller web series in which an aspiring detective strives to become a professional by starting a new detective agency with his friend. It makes the viewers laugh when they see the small, petty cases the hero has to handle, like finding the lost tire of a car. But each of these small cases has a twist wherein the situation becomes serious. The web series is about how Anand Santosh handles all these cases effectively and the risks he faces. Thus, it is a mixed web series where you can experience many feelings.

The only place to watch Agent Anand Santosh – aha

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